Everything is worth writing use your imagination.

I love Sylvia Plath I love her poetry her fiction her talent and creativity. She gave so much of herself that it is so sad how her life ended so tragically. There is just so much for us all to write about if we just stretch our imagination to the best of our ability and create something that shows our heart. When we give ourselves over to our writing something magical happens and we begin to realise that yes we can do this. It is worth it even if only one person reads what you have written, you have still managed to touch one’s soul and speak out to them. Don’t let self-doubt control you.

Slyvia Plath

The Life of a Frustrated Creative Writer!

The life of the creative writer can be so frustrating:

we so long for writing amazing characters;

but are to afraid that they will be stereo-typed,

or not strong enough.

we so long to write interesting plot lines and stores;

but are to afraid that we won’t capture the readers imagination,

or it would be considered as un-original.

we so long to create new and exciting worlds;

but we are to afraid that they won’t make any sense to others,

or it is not how we imagined it.

we song to put pen to paper;

but there is like this imaginary force that prevents us from doing so,

or is it our own perfectionism preventing us from writing to afraid that we will never live up to our high expectations?

So what do we do in these situations?

Do we press on hoping against all hope that what we write will get through to other?

Or do we give up now saving as the pain of failure later on?

We have the choice. If we give up our stories won’t be heard and we all have a voice and a story to tell. If we press on we might just touch one soul and change their lives and for me that is enough to struggle forward and continue to write.

A big fish!

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway Book Review 25.

The Old Man and the Sea“But man is not made for defeat,” he said. “A man can be destroyed but not defeated. “




Well what to say about his book. All it seems to be about is an old man and his struggle to catch this big fish that is dragging him across the ocean. This book is indeed a difficult book to write an overview for because of a) it’s shortness and b) it’s lack of a plot. A lot of people would probably argue with me on this one but needless to say I did not like it. I understand that it is about the old man’s struggle of overcoming his trials of no longer succeeding in fishing, and therefore struggles in life as well as fishing is his livelihood. But this really all there is so there is not much else to say.

My Thoughts:

So I will go straight to my thoughts on the book. As I have already said I did not like this book. I actually felt like a had to skim read very quickly just to get it finished. I found it frustrating  and well boring to be honest and I know that I am definitely going to get a few people disagreeing with me here. Well this book just wanted for me and maybe Hemingway just isn’t for me for I have tried a few of his books and I just haven’t been able to get through them.

So who out there loves Hemingway and can maybe enlighten me on the subject?

My Rating: 1 out 10 (for boring me to death)



In Loving Memory of Maya Angelou.


images“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain”.

“The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination, as are intelligence and necessity when unblunted by formal education”.

“I suggest that the great art belongs to all people, all the time–that indeed it is made for the people, by the people, to the people”.

For all book nerds alike!!!


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