New Site nearly ready

Hey all just a quick up date. I have been tirelessly writing up my new The Book Shelf Blog, which I hope to be published by the end of the week. It is been a difficult task but I am getting there. Once the new site is up I will send an the new web address and eventually this website will be deleted. I am very excited its looking really good and I am putting in a lot of work into to it to make it look the way that I want to. But I shall keep you all updated… Stay tuned.

Site Under Construction

Hello Everyone I just want to let you all know that this site will be deactivated soon. Originally this was a test for to see what it was like in the blogging world. I shall return very shortly with a new upstadated version which will still be called The Book Shelf hopefully with a at the end. I hope you will all still be able to find me . It will also be under my name Candice Perini so I really do hope that you will continue to follow the Book Shelf.


Thanks Again. Alternatively you can follow me on Twitter candcemaree08, or Facebook The Book Shelf. They will remain with all my updates.


Thanks all, signing off!!!

The Gorky Murders

Gorky Park by Martin Curz Smith Book Review 29.

Gorky Parl“She is saying something, Investigator. She’s saying ‘Here I am!’ Taker her” – Andreev.



Three corpses are found in Gorky Park amusement centre in Moscow, frozen in the snow and their faces and fingers are missing. Chief Investigator Arkady Renko must do whatever it takes to identify the victims and find the killer ,but not all is as it seems. Struggling with his own problems; his wife who wants to destroy him, his father who was a famous General wants to disown him and the KGB and FBI who are not only keeping secrets from him but are also making him responsible for three murders, Arkady’s brilliant mind will unlock the truth. But at what cost…

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book. It’s dark, it’s gritty and set in place full of mystery and intrigue which I love. I am fascinated with Russian history so I tend to devour every book that is set in Russia. This book was a surprise. I tried to read it a few years ago but I couldn’t get past the first few chapters, but then recently I decided to pick it up again and I was delighted by it. The characters are so beautifully written. There was so much depth to them, they weren’t all bad but they weren’t all good either. I really felt as if I was there in Moscow with Arkady trying to help him solve the mystery.

What makes a good crime novel? For me it is trying to guess who the killer was but at the same time I like to know when the character knows. It was like that in Gorky Park. You literally had no idea what was happening until it clicked for Arkady and then you were like “Oh my God I never thought of that”. I just absolutely loved it and I totally recommend it to anyone who likes a good crime/suspense novel. The beauty is there more to the series. As far as I am aware there another 7 books that follow on from Gorky Park so I hope to continue the series and be amazed by this talented writer. It was just one of those books that I really didn’t want to get o the end and now that I am finished it I am finding it hard to start a new book.

Are you like that? Once you have read a ridiculously awesome book do you find it hard to start another one? Do you feel like you are still in the world of the book that you have just read that you don’t want to leave it? Leave your comments below.

My Rating: 10 out 10 (I just absolutely loved this book so much).

Favourite Quote:

“I’ll tell you about a Siberian dilemma”, Arkady said. “Osbourne could have bought religious chairs, chests and ikons from twenty different sources in Moscow. As you said Golodkin already had one for him, So why would he take the risk of dealing with two desperate people running from the law? Why bother creating that fantastic lie of escape for them? What could Kostia ad Valerya offer that no one else could?” – Arkady.

To Inspire the Writer in You!

Well it is Monday again and time to find a quote that will hopefully inspire you all to get those creative juices flowing and get writing. I am reading a book called “The 101 Habits of Highly successful Novelists” and I have found it useful in a sense that is getting me focused on the writing process. It isn’t necessarily a teaching book per se, it is more of a get your mind thinking right book. It is very inspirational and over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you some of my favourite quotes that is helping me stay focused on the writing task. I hope that they will inspire you as well.

“Always do your own work. Never Try to imitate favourite or best selling authors. Never follow current trends; what is hot topic today may will be cold ice by the time a novel is written and submitted for publication. Imitators are seldom successful. An individual unique style and vision are what editors are looking for” – Bill Pronzini.

A Big thank You



Just a very short post to say thank you to my readers for I have finally hit the 200 follower mark, Yeah. This is very exciting and I am looking forward with continuing blogging as I am enjoying the experience so much. It really has taught me so much about writing and  my own creativity. So thank you everyone for reading and commenting on my blog!

The Capacity to see Beyond

The Giver by Lois Lowry Book Review 28

the giver large“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared”.




This book is about a small community who at first glance looks to be completely at peace with each other. There is no pain, sadness, war or crime or any real feelings at all. Everyone is the same. Everything looks the same. There is no colour, no creativity and no difference. It would seem like this community is completely happy with the way things are but as we meet Jonas a Twelve he discovers with his new assignment that there is more to life than what he has already lived. He discovers what it is really like  to feel, even something simple that we take for granted like the warmness of the sun on your face. With these new experience Jonas becomes confused about why people don’t want to feel like that and what really happens when you are “released”.

My thoughts:

I actually didn’t think to much about this book and read it rather quickly. While the premise is interesting enough I felt like no much really happened and it was rather slow for such a short book. I was hoping for a bit more action, more interaction with the characters to learn more about their history and why they are the way that they are. As this is a quartet I assume that it is leading up to something and obviously all of this will be explained the more we read. But after finishing the novel I kind of feel like to I don’t want to continue the series.

Has anyone read this book and has a different experience? Please feel free to share your comments.

My Rating: 2 out of 10 (Was a bit slow and boring to be honest).

Interesting Quotes:

“I liked the feeling of love,’ [Jonas] confessed. He glanced nervously at the speaker on the wall, reassuring himself that no one was listening. ‘I wish we still had that,’ he whispered. ‘Of course,’ he added quickly, ‘I do understand that it wouldn’t work very well. And that it’s much better to be organized the way we are now. I can see that it was a dangerous way to live.’

…’Still,’ he said slowly, almost to himself, ‘I did like the light they made. And the warmth”.

I have told the truth

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein Book Review 27.

code name verity“But I have told the truth. Isn’t that ironic? They sent me because I am so good at telling lies. But I have told the truth.”



Sent in World War 2 Code Name Verity tells the story of two girls stuck in a horrifying situation where their friendship is not only tested but pushed through boundaries that no one should have to cross. When their plane crashes in occupied France one is captured while the other fights to save her. This story really took me by surprises and I had no idea that I was going to love it so much, but having said that I cried my eyes out and fell in love with the characters at the same time. This book shows you the devastation

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book so much and as I have already said this really surprised me. The writing was incredibly beautiful, the characters were loveable and although I almost guessed the ending it was not quite how I imagined. So be warned people you will need a lot of tissues, perhaps something comforting (mine was hugging my cat) and maybe you might need to read something a bit lighter for your next read. I really don’t want to give to much away or hype it up to much so I am going to keep this review short.

I totally recommend it 

My Rating: 9 out of 10 (for making me cry so much)

My Favourite Quote:


Lessons I have learned while blogging

I have only been blogging for 6 months now but I have learned so much and made many mistakes along the way. When I set out to create this blog I had no idea what I was doing, how it was going to work or even why I wanted to do one in the first place. But after looking back I have realised a few things that I would like to share with you all.

Lesson 1: Plan! Plan! Plan!

I have never been much of a planner I learn by doing, but I have come to discover that for a blog to be successful you really need to plan well. I have been evaluating my blog to see what I can improve on next year and I am currently writing up a full detailed plan for a new and improved blog. It is a lot harder than I first thought even coming up with a name that is different and original and something that will stand out from the many book blogs out there. So if you are thinking about blogging I want to encourage you to spend a couple of months planning out your blog first, flesh out some ideas so that you know where you are heading. For example: Your target audience, the purpose for your blog, why are writing, why should people read your blog when there are so many others out there. I am sure that you can come up with some more questions but that is always a good start.

Lesson 2: Be Consistent.

Consistency is important because it helps your readers to find what they are looking for and they are less likely to feel confused. I chose my template too many times because I was never really happy with the layout and lack of flexibility. So before you publish your site I recommend that you carefully chose your template and make sure that it is the one that you will want to use long term. When you chop and change your site to often people will lose track of who you are and may not recognise you. Also in terms of consistency I think that it is important to keep all heading, titles and formatting the same so that it looks good and works well together. I am still learning this process and next year when my plan is fully developed I hope to have all this figured out.

Lesson 3: Keep it simple.

Because I didn’t have a plan I noticed that I tried to do to much with my blog and I was and still am starting to lose my focus. I had to many topics even thought they were all related I think that it really took away from what I was trying to achieve. And that was to write a blog about books. So my advice is to try and keep your blog simple in terms of content. Try to choose one topic and work with that and you will find that it is much easier and less confusing.

Lesson 4: Take a break.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in a blog and that it starts to overwhelm us and we are so focused on it that everything else is forgotten about. So if this is you, it is definitely me, may I suggest that you take a break. Take some time off from writing, searching and creating your blog so that when you come back you are refreshed and ready to continue with it.

Lesson 5: Have fun.

Have fun with your blog. Play around with it and be creative. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to write a blog in the first place as it become a creative outlet for me. I enjoy books and I enjoy writing so it seemed pretty obvious that a book blog was something for me.

Well I hope that this was helpful to you at all. I have definitely learned a lot about myself and the creative process and I am looking forward to next year to able to develop something that I will be happy with and proud of.

Happy Blogging Everyone!!!